Anthony Joshua calls Tyson Fury ‘a fraud’ after being given 48 hour WBO Deadline before Oleksandr Usyk Fight Ordered

BOXING: Hear about Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury’s heated exchange

Anthony Joshua has labelled Tyson Fury a “fraud” with their undisputed championship battle on the verge of collapse after he was granted a 48-hour deadline before being ordered to meet Oleksandr Usyk.

The governing body’s decision on Wednesday evening is another setback for Joshua and Fury’s scheduled undisputed heavyweight championship boxing match on August 14 in Saudi Arabia.

A court ruled on Monday that WBC champion Fury would battle Deontay Wilder again by September 15, suggesting IBF, WBA, and WBO champion Joshua could instead face Usyk next.

“The universe now knows you for the liar you are,” Joshua said in Fury on social media.

“You’ve let boxing down!” You lied to the fans and misled them. I used my name for clout, not a war.

“Bring me some championship fighter who can do their business properly.”

“You are more full of [rubbish] than [promoter Eddie Hearn,” Fury responded. Your whole squad was aware that there was an appeal proceeding; it was out of my control! If I’m a liar, let’s clash bare knuckles this weekend before one of us gives up.”

“If there was an arbitration going on, why declare to the world that we are war!” Joshua retorted. The war was marked!

“I’ll smack your bald head and you’ll do nothing!”

Fury named Joshua a “bottle work,” then said, “I’ll smoke Wilder first, then you’ll get yours as well.”

Joshua is scheduled to face Usyk.

Usyk was dubbed “Joshua’s Plan B” by promoter Eddie Hearn because he is the WBO mandatory challenger – the battle is now only two days away from being requested.

Because of the size of the proposed undisputed championship battle, the WBO initially decided to waive Usyk’s claim to a crack at the belt.

“The WBO is overjoyed that their mandatory competitor will be fighting their heavyweight champion,” Usyk’s promoter Alexander Krassyuk told Sky Sports.

“What else do they want?” We are awaiting their acceptance message!”

“I think boxing fans will love Joshua vs Usyk in the immediate future,” said WBO president Paco Valcarcel on Tuesday night.

According to Krassyuk, Joshua vs. Usyk will take place in August at “most definitely a large open-air location in the UK.”

Usyk had previously agreed to battle Joe Joyce for the WBO interim championship while awaiting the result of Joshua vs Fury.

“Usyk said he was crossing the English Channel by the time I got his message and asked which turn he could take,” Krassyuk joked.

“He was overjoyed to learn the news.”

Krassyuk previously said in response to the court’s decision to allow Fury to face Wilder, “There is no other fair explanation for AJ now.” If he’s not avoiding Usyk, it’s time to face the inevitable!

“We are all in a position to make the war happen as quickly as possible.”

Joshua sheds his silence.

Joshua joked on social media shortly after the WBO sent him a 48-hour deadline, “I’m thinking of launching a Go Fund Me page to collect funds for Wilder’s move aside payout – £20m.”

“Now I can smoke the obese guy from Manchester with the skinny legs.”

“These heavyweights require a podcast or whatever because they speak more than they war.”

Fury previously said regarding Wilder, “What a joke the Bronze Bomber has been.”

“I asked for $20 million to pass over, joker.

“It seems like I’ll have to [fight him] again.”

But Wilder’s trainer, Malik Scott, retorted, “No. Wilder refused, stating that he was uninterested in setting aside capital. You’re working with a whole different form of [mentality] over here. He wants the blood, not the currency.

“‘Retribution is upon us.'”

Fury mocked Wilder’s “excuses” after their last match: “Costume was too thick, Fury’s gloves were primed, I had poor legs, my water was spiked, Fury’s gloves had no padding, had bicep surgery, disloyal teacher, problems in camp, I fractured my jaw, fight ended too early, Andre Dirrell’s fault.”

Can Joshua vs. Fury be saved?

Eddie Hearn, the promoter, considered postponing the undisputed title fight until December to enable Fury to face Wilder and Joshua to face Usyk first.

When asked about the August 14 date in Saudi Arabia for Joshua vs. Fury, Hearn said, “Am I hopeful? I don’t remember.

“We were advised that arbitration will not be a challenge, but clearly it is.

“We have to think on our feet. We must take appropriate action. We’re really hoping for the war to go on, so it’s out of our control.

“If [Fury’s] hands are bound, [Joshua] would have to search elsewhere.”

What Happens after Joshua Fights Fury? What The WBA, WBC, WBO AND IBF will do with Their Heavyweight Championships

If the megafight is supplied a date until it’s too late, then it appears all of four major sanctioning bodies will be on board to get an undisputed champion. But perhaps not for long.

Despite a year of apparent intent along with the current news that both men have signed a contract to resist each other twice, Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury still do not own a set date and place due to their proposed superfight.

With the coronavirus pandemic causing major problems for the prospect of attracting large ticket-buying crowds into places to see live sports, we are about to go into April still unsure over when and where the bout will eventually happen.

When both sides can get it sorted soon, it looks like the four leading sanctioning bodies — all of whom recognise both Joshua or Fury as their reigning winner in the moment — will probably recognise the fight as one to ascertain the very first undisputed heavyweight king since Lennox Lewis attained the feat across the turn of the millennium.

Nevertheless whether we view a full unification at 2021 or not, all of the WBA, WBC, WBO and IBF will be exceedingly aware of the fact that AJ and Fury will only have eyes for each other to get as long as the subsequent 12 months. This usually means no name fights for the foursome’s respective mandatory challengers, and because of this they wiill be appearing elsewhere.

So, depending on the premise that as many as all four might be set to split away from the duo the day after they unify (or even the day after their dragged-out place talks fall through), here’s a guide to which fighters may be world heavyweight championship this year.

As of press time, Joshua is your merged WBA (Super), WBO and IBF champion. Fury, meanwhile, retains the WBC name as well as being recognized by The Ring magazine as the lineal champion (having a strict’the fighter which beat the fighter’ method ). When they fought , the winner would take the lot.

To find happen, we must expect none of them grow impatient — and some of them have stated their patience is wearing thin.

We’ll start with the most prone to split away, unification or not any unification.

Most are now surprised that the WBO have not stripped Joshua already. They recognized Oleksandr Usyk, the unbeaten professional and previous undisputed cruiserweight champ, since their mandatory challenger and also have repeatedly voiced their displeasure at how long it has been since their version of this title was made a priority by AJ.

It’s conceivable that the only thing keeping them on board with Joshua in the present time is the possibility of a cut out of the massive money Joshua vs. Fury will pull up as a unification, if they lock into a profitable site fee. Then, when the two begin to set up their own rematch, the WBO are prone to become the first to challenge that the undisputed champ and Boost the interim WBO winner to full titleholder.

At the moment, there is no such interim belt. But Usyk is anticipated to agree to face Britain’s unbeaten Joe Joyce, who mysteriously ceased Daniel Dubois to move near the top of the WBO graphs, for interim champion status.

Wilder lost this name belt to Fury in Feb. 2020 after a lengthy reign. He has not fought as, but assuming he will dust off himself in an effort to rebound from his first ever pro defeat, but the WBC still respect him as the number one contender. Then there’s Whyte, who regained the interim WBC belt out of Alexander Povetkin at Gibraltar and might be termed the next mandatory challenger as a result.

With Whyte calling out Wilder, and the American revealing far more interest in fighting”The Body Snatcher” now than he did before he was conquered by Fury, this one looks a natural showdown to develop. The two could battle lesser-ranked opposition in Individual fights that summer while AJ and Fury unify, before meeting one another to the WBC belt which will be freed up between AJ-Fury 1

This particular belt is an intriguing one, especially if Fury defeats Joshua.

It stems from his brief spell as IBF champion in November 2015 later outpointing Wladimir Klitschko at Dusseldorf to win each the belts currently in the ownership of Joshua. Klitschko had a rematch clause, and analyzed it immediately.

The group representing IBF mandatory challenger Vyacheslav Glazkov, meanwhile, pushed hard for purse bids towards his shot, knowing it would get the IBF to function their brand new champ that an ultimatium: either give Glazkov his due opportunity next, or even prioritise the Wlad rematch and be pumped. With all the Klitschko fight legally binding in addition to far more rewarding, the choice was clear and Fury’s IBF reign lasted only 10 days.

Obviously, Glazkov and his crew knew what they were doing. They wanted to become world champion without needing to confront a Fury- or Klitschko-level fighter. Paradoxically, Glazkov lost the bout for the vacated title to Charles Martin following a freak knee injury that finally forced a retirement. No matter how the damage was done for Fury, who had been finding the life of becoming world champion massively disappointing as a result of heated reception his achievements received in the press because of his numerous PR disasters.

Nevertheless, Fury feels that the IBF failed to encourage their new champion and star in favour of Glazkov’s shameless shortcut. “The Gipsy King” has vowed that, if he beats Joshua and unifies, he will throw the IBF title away. If Joshua wins, perhaps they’ll stick together with him, but because his next battle will likely be Fury once again, unbeaten Filip Hrgovic and popular competition Michael Hunter look to be on crash course this season, although Martin himself stays highly rated by the body.

While the promoters placing Joshua-Fury collectively have suggested they would point the next battle (and even the very first, if need be) with no planet names involved, the WBA seem the most likely to stay the course, mostly due to their notoriously-complex name picture.

Your body often reevaluate as much as three unique boxers as winner at any 1 time in various divisions, using such distinctions as”WBA Super” and”WBA Regular” winner. Because of this, Joshua is now the’super’ champion while the’routine’ (and in most enthusiasts eyes, non-canon in comparison to AJ) titleholder is unbeaten American Trevor Bryan.

Using a high knockout ratio but lacking large names on his resume, the 31-year-old won the empty’regular’ belt against Bermane Stiverne in January, using previous titleholder Mahmoud Charr stripped following four decades of inactivity. Bryan vs. Charr is still a struggle the WBA enjoys, but when it continues to establish evasive the name we can expect to measure and really test Bryan is one-time’super’ champion, Andy Ruiz Jr..

Ruiz naturally stunned Joshua to claim all of his titles in 2019, only to reduce them back six months later in the rematch. Ruiz returns for the first time because that disappointing performance on May 1 from Chris Arreola.